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Power Skating & Ice Hockey School
Adult School   -   Youth Clinics   -   Private Adult Competitive League
Youth Power Skating & Specialty Skills Clinics
   @ the Vaughan Ice Plex !!   

limited roster spots per level - please inquire:
Full gear programs.  9 - 13 yrs old. 
primary focus:

intense technical skating & body coordination development
      progression program, logs & planning
      full length development & separated skill level specialty groups
tech SK8 stations, puck control, transitions...
High Energy Tech Puck Skills, Dangles & more...
plus:  Break Outs, PWR SK8 Training, Team Systems, Physical Play...
details on the "new youth power skating programs" page

Saturday Night Clinics  -  Additional dates T.B.A. through email

youth students must be playing established
organized competitive hockey A - AAA

Adult:  PowerSK8, Puck Skills & Game Play Clinic
   @ the Vaughan Ice Plex !!   Sunday Nights
10 PM -  Level:  League Beginner, Intermidiate, Advance
Adult Ice Hockey School  :  Full Development Program
click here for details, sample outlines, league, tech list..

Full Gear Program:  inquire about additonal clinics

please email for details:

Team / Group Bookings - on PrimeTime Weekend Ice
   @ multiple Toronto GTA locations !!
If you wish to book Brian to come on your ice for team training, tech development, custom programming of your choice, etc...  
or weekday one on one privates @ the Vaughan Ice Plex
starting @ $120 hr
    Instructional Focus:  your choice, sample outlines @ bottom of page
    please inquire,

Scroll down below...

to see detailed technique list
to be taught over the hockey season
Brian of BLADEBLAZE - Head Instructor
6 months after Rupture Achilles Tendon Surgery:

Instructing the Savardian Spin-O-Rama:
warning: use only when opponent attacks wide stick side
going for the puck.. or it could be mess!


Intense approach & structure.  Proper skating & stick mechanics.
Culture & Spirit for the game.  Competitive & Fun development.
All without the pressure of making mistakes & winning... only pressure to try your best knowing we expect you not to be perfect, and make mistakes.

subject matter below

Power Skating Lessons & Hockey Skills
              Developmental Ice Clinics - Youth / Adult / Teams

~ Agility Development / Body Confidence & Control Techniques
~ Power Skating:  Edges, Crossovers, Stops... 
~ Efficient Power Skating:  Strides, Strength, Starts, Turns...
~ High Energy Intense Conditioning
~ Puck Skating:  Body Mechanics (in relation to skate with a puck)
~ Power Shooting Skating:  Skating Techniques to finished
~ Basic and Speed Puck Control
~ Passing: 1-2 Touch, Drops, Headman, Banks, Saucers...
~ Shooting:  Wrist, Slap, One-Timers, Quick Release...
~ Stick Handling and Trick Moves
~ Team and Individual Positional Play, ForeChecks, Traps, Pen Kills

~ Developmental Game Play; Break Out Patterns, Systems...
~ For Beginner League Players, 25 Key Skating Techniques
~ Additional Advance Techniques, A - AAA
~ All techniques taught contain multiple mechanics
~ Maximizing the Ice Surface:
Continually Skating!  No waiting around format
~ Rotating through PowerSkating Stations & Games

~ Full Safety Gear Required
~ Cool Fun, Serious Development

Developmental Games
~ Unique game methods to enforce team play
~ Dominate players will develop advance ice awareness & leadership
~ Increase confidence for all participants


Enter Adult Ice Hockey School :
more tech subject matter, private hockey league...

Enter Youth Ice Hockey Clinics :  
outlines for break outs, physical play, systems, puck dangles...

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Scroll down to the bottom..
detailed technique list taught over the hockey season

Rebound 180 Spins, 1-Timers
Off Wing, Redirects...

Trick Moves:
Mario Lemieux Dangle
Pavel Bure Kick Up...

Break Outs:
Tech Sk8 Patterns
Back Check Hooks...

official equipment
of BladeBlaze Hockey


for best results
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See more Instructional
Techniques & Skills on
YouTube BladeBlaze



BladeBlaze 2012 / 2013
Private Hockey League :


Skills Clinic Archive Programming

Covered Last Class...
Team Technical, Systems, Patterns:
~ High energy simulated line change conditioning.
~ 360 technical sk8 deep edge cuts with right-angle cross-over outs.
~ Cycling / low triangle attack   
~ X-Cross break-outs with head man bank passes and slot one-timer set ups
~ 5 man unit full speed break-in with triangle fore-checking
Need to review: 
~ Multiple skating techniques, backwards cross-over starts
~ Full speed puck control methods
~ Agility mechanics / body control development
Covered Last Class...
Line Change Shift Conditioning Drill 
  ~ With Fwd 2 Bck Transitions
Review of Technical
Power Skating Lessons
  ~ X-Over Fig8 180 Edge Cut
  ~ Fist Edge Pump Circle
  ~ Turn-Over Fwd 2 Bck X.Starts
  ~ Soft Hands, Reaction Ball
  ~ Offensive Zone Scenario,
Technical Skating with Puck Control
    * 180 Edge Cuts
    * Banks Fore & Back Hand
    * 90 dgr Corner Swoops to the Net
    * Short Side Shots
Head UP Fire Squad Puck Control
Full Ice Positional Game Play
Next Few Classes:
- Review full body mechanical agility  development:  helicopter spins, superman dives, torpedo rolls, etc..
- Multiple full length puck control techniques & head man passes
- OneTimers, pass from the corners
- Backwards cross over starts & straight line x-speed
- One on One soft touch dekes
- Super 90 x-outs & Hot Lava CrossOvers
- Lots and Lots more!

Toronto Ontario Canada
Adult Power Skating School