est. 2005 - Toronto Ice Hockey School.  2020 adult programs
est. 2005 Toronto Canada   
Toronto Power Skating Ice Hockey School Toronto Power Skating Ice Hockey School
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"These adult classes is the same teaching I've done with A-AAA youth for over 15 years"
Brian (head instructor)

Understanding Development Levels:  1 - 6

BladeBlaze programs are for levels 2 - 4

Definition of levels:

1.  Beginner:  can't stop, new to gear, never played in any kind of game

*2.  Intermediate:  playing rec games, stopping not equal, variety of horrible skating issues

*3.  Advance: 
playing in competitive games as a weak player, played organized as a kid

*4.  Competitive: played A-AA, trying to get game back, playing "C+" division leagues

5.  Elite:  played top AAA - Jr, University..

6.  Pro:  played professionally

Stick Skills n Dangles
& Puck Play

Full Circle Body Range:
360 maximizing reach, body fig 8, 2hand back stretch... 

Blade & Dangle Skills: 
reach back trap, sweeps, saucers, tips, toe drags...
Tech SK8 Puck Techniques: 
spin outs, cradles, wraps, V 180 & lateral shooting... 

Foot Work: 
side pops n one-timers, 45 degree self pass, right angle bank cuts...

quick 1, 2 touch rebounds, back hand, top shelf, one timers...
Unique Player Specialty Moves: 

Bure, Lemieux, Savard, Weight, Hertl, Afinogenov...
Program Focus & Details: 

Multi-level program, good for weak skaters & challenging for all

Primary focus is on stick skills with basic skating to match and advance puck techniques for better skaters.  Program content taught is very different from Sunday's "Tech PWR SK8, Skills & Game Play" program.  Monday's approach will be less hardcore without the intense "suicide" skating methods.

Overall:  challenging complex coordinated techniques with fun & games.

Tatical Physical Play
& Grinding


competitive aggressive physical play
body development, tolerence, tech methonds...

Board Forecheck Grind Battles:
1-2 touch tight bank plays moving along boards.
Scrum body & stick techniques; body positioning, leading with shoulder, proteching puck, stick digging, opposition body spin & push offs, mulitiple smart stick check methods...

Net Crashing:
Methods to approach net; rotation of body, straight line angles to screen, body & stick positioning (left or right shooter) to maximize crash rebound & tip chances.

Crease Phyical Play:
Proteching & Crashing puck development..  to knock or be knocked down
Mosh Pit Crease.  using body & stick tech methods every man for themselves puck war

.  respect each other, it can hurt, not personal, part of the game..
.  play the game right, use methods with respect, dirty play is not ok



for competitive youth, some aspects can relate to adult rec leagues:

Body Contact #1
Content, Issues, Tech Development: 

Head Up, Riding Out FWD & BCK, Hip Checks,
Open Ice, Standing Up Man, Taking Hits, Elbows In,
Knees Bent & Extending into Hits, Leading With Shoulder,
Contact Points, Fist Push Off Hits, Angles, Confidence, etc...

Below (#2 & #3) is a 4 week progression
Physical Play & Contact program that contiunes from above.

Body Contact #2
Additional Programing:

Reapplying previous "Body Contact #1" with more intensity & speed
Tech approach In game action mode Fist Push Off Hits & Hip Checks
Parallel full speed chase down lateral shoulder checks
Grinding, One on One with Pucks, Control Game Play with hitting...
Body Contact #3
Control Scrimmage Hitting, Net Crashing, Grinding & Corner Hits...

"Body Contact 3" would apply a variety of game play scenario, putting hitting into full skate action.  Last week's one on one offensive break in contact drill is an example with many other game physical play scenarios.


Intense approach & structure.  Proper skating & stick mechanics.  Culture & Spirit for the game.  Competitive & Fun development.
All without the pressure of making mistakes & winning... only pressure to try your best knowing we expect you not to be perfect, and make mistakes.

Power Skating Lessons &
Hockey Skills Developmental Ice Clinics

for Players & Teams

~ Agility Development / Body Confidence & Control Techniques
~ Power Skating:  Edges, Crossovers, Stops... 
~ Efficient Power Skating:  Strides, Strength, Starts, Turns...
~ High Energy Intense Conditioning
~ Puck Skating:  Body Mechanics (in relation to skate with a puck)
~ Power Shooting Skating:  Skating Techniques to finished
~ Basic and Speed Puck Control
~ Passing: 1-2 Touch, Drops, Headman, Banks, Saucers...
~ Shooting:  Wrist, Slap, One-Timers, Quick Release...
~ Stick Handling and Trick Moves
~ Team and Individual Positional Play, ForeChecks, Traps, Pen Kills

~ Developmental Game Play; Break Out Patterns, Systems...
~ For Beginner League Players, 25 Key Skating Techniques
~ Additional Advance Techniques, A - AAA
~ All techniques taught contain multiple mechanics
~ Maximizing the Ice Surface:
      Continually Skating!  No waiting around format
~ Rotating through PowerSkating Stations & Games
~ Full Safety Gear Required
~ Cool Fun, Serious Development

Developmental Games
~ Unique game methods to enforce team play
~ Dominate players will develop advance ice awareness & leadership
~ Increase confidence for all participants

Tech Power Skating -
Skills & Game Play

Intense Full Development Program:
 -  technical skating, agility: body control, edges, X-ovrs
 -  puck control, power skating conditioning, game play scenarios

& includes.. The "Next Level" Program

 -  technical PWR SK8, establish skills to complex methods
 -  advance game play tech backwords
 -  high speed puck & game pattern play

Clinic Program Sample Outline

September 23rd, 30th - October 7th
 (1st three clinics)

.. suicide line change drill
.. full length straight line left/right fwd to bckwrds to fwd rotations
.. full length board battle grind drill

Agility Development:
..superman dives, torpedo rolls, left/right target 1knee taps, 2knee "kayak", alt knees "Russian dance", helicopter spins

Tech Skating:
.. 1 sk8 edge left/right inside & outside 180 circles, +intro with pucks
.. power stop n goes*:  x-over starts & stops, with sweep start pucks
.. *speed lateral x-over line drill
..  *lateral shift line drill, with pucks & one sk8 stops

Break outs:
.. 3 man circle hooks, board support puck wrap & triangle break-outs
.. soft touch slot pass & one timers.. plus crash net for tip rotation technique
.. backwards skating to fwd trans circle head man pass break outs

October 14th: 
BladeBlaze instructor Jason taught class
. positioning during after faceoffs. Both on offence and defense
. wrist shot, snap shot and slap shot techniques

October 21st: 
Mash up high speed review:
. suicide conditioning, full agility, stop n goes with lat shift & speed lat x-overs (pucks)
. cycling power skate & puck passing techniques: drops, soft touch across circle & board banks
.new break out:  3 man board support with game play point man defender scenario

October 28th: 

Physical Play & Grinding program
.. grinding conditioning drill
.. mosh pit crease battle
.. 1on1 protect puck techniques & crashing 
.. intro to crash net simulated drill

SK8 tech vid:   "Hockey Plie Wrap Around"

..Multi FWD board support crash & breakout
..3on3 break out & cycle game

November 4th: 
Suicide conditioning drill
Cycling plus advance around net cycling vs.
Tech skating instruction:
.. review Plie skating technique
.. 1 sk8 "180 large C" inside & outside edge techique
... introduction puck control with 1 sk8 edge technique

Multi 3 FWD board support crash & breakout vs 2 D-man support

November 11th: 
Grinding conditioning drill

Stick Skills & Dangles Class:

.. fwd & bck hand straight line skating puck control trap
.. behind back fwd/bck toe drags
.. behind back full body circle dangles (2 touch)
.. full body fig8 1,2 touch between legs dangle
.. fore & backhand 360 cradles
.. 45 degree lat kick self pass
.. sk8 side pops
.. saucer skills
.. "dog run" full length stick skills battle rush game (apply skills)

vid: marek malik's legendary round 15 goal, practice technique
November 18th:   
Tech Backwards Skating line 45degree lat.shift.  1 step + 2 step 45rotate
..fig8 "off/on side" board shift
..bck to fwds transitional circle hook break out
..advance "defense patrol blue line" half moon C cut 2Xover edge push off  
..straight line fwd/bck transition + puck backwards skating take in

November 25th:   
Tech Backwards Skating November 18th review
.. fwd to backwards circle hook unit breakouts + plus 1,2 touch passes
.. simulated 1d-3fwd break out game.. 4-2 diamond power play

December 1st: 
..soft Touch Pucks with techniques + skating
..agility program with pucks
..fore and backhand level 1, 2 & 3 soft touch
..stick tuck control plus sweep & protect puck techniques
..360 wrap skating technique plus pucks
..180 edge cut with 180 cross out straight skating line
..full sheet "in traffic drill" 360 wraps


Covered Last Class...
Team Technical, Systems, Patterns:
~ High energy simulated line change conditioning.
~ 360 technical sk8 deep edge cuts with right-angle cross-over outs.
~ Cycling / low triangle attack  
~ X-Cross break-outs with head man bank passes and slot one-timer set ups
~ 5 man unit full speed break-in with triangle fore-checking
Need to review:
~ Multiple skating techniques, backwards cross-over starts
~ Full speed puck control methods
~ Agility mechanics / body control development
Line Change Shift Conditioning Drill
  ~ With Fwd 2 Bck Transitions
Review of Technical
Power Skating Lessons

  ~ X-Over Fig8 180 Edge Cut
  ~ Fist Edge Pump Circle
  ~ Turn-Over Fwd 2 Bck X.Starts
  ~ Soft Hands, Reaction Ball
  ~ Offensive Zone Scenario,
Technical Skating with Puck Control
    * 180 Edge Cuts
    * Banks Fore & Back Hand
    * 90 dgr Corner Swoops to the Net
    * Short Side Shots
Head UP Fire Squad Puck Control
Full Ice Positional Game Play
Next Few Classes:
- Review full body mechanical agility  development:  helicopter spins, superman dives, torpedo rolls, etc..
- Multiple full length puck control techniques & head man passes
- OneTimers, pass from the corners
- Backwards cross over starts & straight line x-speed
- One on One soft touch dekes
- Super 90 x-outs & Hot Lava CrossOvers
- Lots and Lots more!









Toronto Power Skating Ice Hockey School




Rebound 180 Spins

1-Timers - Off Wing


Trick Moves:

Mario Lemieux Dangle

Pavel Bure Kick Up

Toronto Power Skating Ice Hockey School

click and check out a youTube vid of Brian teaching the:

Spin o Rama

Toronto Power Skating Ice Hockey School

Break Outs:

Tech Sk8 Patterns

Back Check Hooks

Toronto Power Skating Ice Hockey School


Team System & Tech Full Length Break Outs: 

.nsync 3 man fwd units, back-checkers, pressure senarios, etc..

.bank board wrap - circle hook board support breakouts

.circle hook head man breakouts
(with advance fwd & bck skating hook transitions)

.head man 1,2 touch plays, with follow through fore-checking traps...

.breakout finishing:  one-timers (shooting) & crash net plays

Toronto Power Skating Ice Hockey School